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Jervis Bay is a large marine dominated embayment, located approximately 180 km south of Sydney. The catchment of Jervis Bay covers approximately 410 square kilometres. The Bay is characterised by a an array of aquatic ecosystems, including extensive seagrass beds, mangrove communities and sub tidal rocky reefs. Terrestrial ecosystems are equally diverse, ranging from rainforest, Schlerophyll forest through to woodlands, swamps, sedgeland and heath communities. As a result of its physical characteristics, and relatively unspoilt condition Jervis Bay offers considerable appeal as a tourist destination, attracting over 700,000 visits each year, from the heavily populated areas of Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra.

Because of these attributes, the Bay has won national and international recognition as an ecological wonderland. A recent scientific conference conducted, attended by a large group of eminent scientists described the bay as a natural area of international significance, not because of any one of it’s individual attributes, but because the Bay represented a diverse collection of plants and animals, of beaches and headlands, of wetlands and seagrasses, of marine and terrestrial environments, all to be found at other locations, but nowhere to be found together in such obvious harmony.

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