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Winter Duathlon Series

These will be starting again in July with en event planned for every fortnight through to the end of September. We hope to have sufficient numbers to have both a regular road bike class and a separate mountain bike class. The mountain bikes will complete a slightly shorter distance and finish at around the same time as everybody else. 

Prize money will be on offer this year, with all of the event starting money being returned to competitors. Entry fees will rise to $2 per competitor for both juniors and seniors in order to provide some decent prize money. 

Handicapping will ensure that each competitor has an equal chance of winning at every event. Handicaps will be based upon the previous event performance, with everyone getting an equivalent time allowance to the previous fastest competitor.

Although the first event was held at Longreach, the remainder of the events will be held at Flinder's estate by popular demand. The roads there are both smooth and quiet.

Events will start at 9.00am. Please come along and try to bring a friend to introduce them to our sport. This is not just for elite competitors, everyone can compete on equal terms and enjoy triathlon and duathlon.

Your Committee for 2000/2001

President:    Brian Earsman    phone 4422 8377    e-mail: earsman@winmail.com.au 

Secretary:    Bruce Williams    phone 4421 4422    e-mail: jekyll1@bigpond.com

Treasurer:    Joe Nethery        phone 4421 6144    e-mail: nethery@fastrac.net.au

Committee Members:    Jamie Turner, Bill Stahlhut, Graham Anderson and Tim Adams