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current newsletterOctober Newsletter

Never a boring moment
If there's one thing a Mac user can count on, it is that we are never bored with what new technology that Apple and its associates brings us.
This coming meeting is no exception and I'll get to that shortly. But first a bit of info about the Mac world in general.
Currently Apple is being headed by one of its creators Steve Jobs. Along with a new board containing such people as Larry Ellison from Oracle a lot of changes are afoot.
It's rumoured that even Bill Gates is looking enviously at Rhapsody, Apple's new operating system due out early next year.
This is rumoured to be the reason why Microsoft was so keen to put renewed effort into developing Office 98 for the Mac market.
Meanwhile Apple's new MacOS8 is selling worldwide like the proverbial hotcakes.
An incremental upgrade to 8.1 is due out in December bringing with it new technologies like Quicktime 3.

So what's happening this meeting?
To avoid being upstaged by the local PC user group which has its own web page, we are putting our own page together.
We have a small subcommittee in charge of this project and we'll be working on it this meeting. Any feedback members can give us will be most appreciated.

A special event for this meeting, courtesy of Michael & Jeremy Farnan from Deskpower Computers, will be a demo of an Apple e-Mate.
This inexpensive and tough version of a Newton is an excellent example of a groundbreaking new technology from Apple. You'll all be able to have a fiddle with this practical new toy mooted to be the answer to schools computer needs.
Reputed to run for ages before needing to be recharged this could be the answer for you if you were thinking of a buying a Powerbook but couldn't justify the cost.

Steve Rogers will have the Internet running, this meeting using the latest version of Netscape, known as version 4 or Communicator. This new version looks quite different, packs a lot of new features and is much more stable than previous versions.

And remember that we have a 50 hour subscription to raffle at this meeting courtesy of Shoalnet.

Mac News . . Mac News .

New Gossamer series Macs running 750 series processors, faster than anything previously released by Apple are due out in November. These machines will also set new standards in terms of speed for your $$$.

Also said to be happening soon are Network computers based on MacOS8 running from a Rhapsody based server. This is no doubt due to the influence of Larry Ellison from Oracle who has championed the Network Computer concept. These new Network Computers will be based on the high speed Gossamer motherboard for speed running over a 100MB per sec network. Schools and companies looking for lower computer and maintenance costs are said to be the major targets for this new technology.

Rhapsody, the new MacOS to compete with Windows NT, is being released now to developers in preparation for a '98 release.

BBS News
The number is 23 3791. The sysop has put up heaps of new stuff like the latest MacFormat & MacAddict CDROMs which we have airfreighted in. New Telefinder software will be available at a coming meeting.

Remember if you have anything to sell, swap or buy, bring it or an advert to pin up on the wall. We can also put it in the Newsletter.

Remember the new instructional Videos on ClarisWorks, Photoshop, Filemaker and Mac Basics. We now have volumes 1 and 2 of these videos. Learning from a video is the next best thing to having an expert by your side.
To hire see Angie at the meeting.

We want to make it really worth your while to be a member and to come along to the meetings. Please let us know if your needs are not being met.

Also we are happy to print articles by members. Contact the President for more info.

For Sale

Phone David 4443 7665