technical set-up for
Tekee Tokee Tomak concerts



1. Depending on the venue, it may not be necessary to have monitor loudspeaker(s) or mic.

2. Dunlop and Wesley-Smith will bring their own Macintosh computer, mixer and LCD projector; if possible, however, it would be prudent for back-up units to be supplied.

3. The screen (front projection) should be as large as possible (depending on the size of the venue): 12ft x 9ft? If a large screen is not available, a white wall, or a white king-size bed sheet, might suffice. Note: The room should be as dark as possible, preferably a complete black-out, with a dim light on Ms Dunlop.

4. The computer, mixer etc must be close to the projector.

5. gear check-list:
bla stereo power amp and two high-quality loudspeakers suitable for venue
bla stereo power amp and one or two monitor loudspeakers, if required
bla microphone and stand, if required; two music stands
bla large white projection screen
bla power boards, leads (the mic and loudspeaker cables should be as long as possible - the larger the screen the greater the distance between it and the projector (and, therefore, the mixer))
bla back-up:
blabla audio mixer
blabla Macintosh computer (at least 400MHz with 320MB RAM and 300MB hard disk space)
blabla LCD (or DLP) projector

enquiries: e-mail Martin Wesley-Smith

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