Shoalhaven River Alliance

Protest at Tallowa Dam

This document is an edited flyer prepared by the Shoalhaven River Alliance
[PO Box 263, Nowra 2541; tel: (02) 4422 1211; email Terence Barratt]
for the protest meeting held at Tallowa Dam on 23 July 2005

Write or email to the premier or the ministers involved using the following dot points (if you wish you can write one letter and send copies to other ministers):
  • The State Government must consider and promote recycling and stormwater harvesting into existing homes and busnesses in Sydney;

  • Many major cities throughout the world are using recycled water as a method of water conservation. Why not Sydney?;

  • Why is the government ignoring the proposal by a private company, Sydney Services, to recycle grey water within Sydney? A proposal which would alleviate the need to transfer any water from the Shoalhaven;

  • The Shoalhaven River is suffering. It is being polluted by the low level water releases from Tallowa Dam. This water is de-oxygenated, contains toxic heavy metals and is very cold (16 deg C below surface water temp). The river is also suffering from lack of natural flushes. The river needs high, medium and low level flushes for healthy ecosystems to exist;

  • All proposals will be costly in dollar terms. It will also be costly to the environment, local business and recreational opportunities;

  • The government needs to have vision to deal with Sydney's long-term water needs;

  • The government is not being open with the public. Decisions are being made behind closed doors.

Bob Debus is the minister responsible for the Sydney Catchment Authority, Frank Sartor minister responsible for Sydney Water, Craig Knowles responsible for water planning (until a few days ago), and Matt Brown the local member for Kiama:

Matt Brown:
Bob Debus:
Craig Knowles:
Frank Sartor:

write to all above:

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