Media release by Councillor Gareth Ward, Shoalhaven City Council

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

SHOALHAVEN City Councillor Gareth Ward has said he was delighted by the outstanding turnout at a public meeting tonight at the Kangaroo Valley Community Hall objecting to the State Governments Plans to increase the height of the Tallowa Dam Wall and extract up to 110 billion litres of water from Lake Yurranga and the Shoalhaven River.

"Well over 200 people crammed into the Kangaroo Valley Community Hall to object to the State Governments plan to lift the height of Tallowa Dam Wall. There was not a seat left in the house with many having to stand for the two hour duration of the meeting," Clr Ward said.

"Several well prepared presentations were given by community members and I was delighted by the intense level of information that was provided by the community, for the community," Clr Ward stated.

"Shelley Hancock was the only State MP attending with Peta Seaton sending her apologies. It was reported that the Member for Kiama was 'on leave'. This is the second event concerning water in our district that the Member for Kiama has missed and he is quickly becoming conspicuous by his regular absence," Clr Ward noted.

"The campaign to stop this inept decision is quickly gaining momentum. The huge turnout tonight is a testament to the fact that the Kangaroo Valley Community is certainly concerned and I have no doubt that we will continue to fight," Clr Ward commented.

"Mr Iemma has an opportunity to show some leadership and reverse yet another bad call of the previous Carr Government and rescue the environment that is about to be devastated," Clr Ward stated.

"Sydney must consider the impacts of their water use on our community and the damage the State Government are about to inflict. The only long term solution is for Sydney to solve their water crisis in its own backyard - and not someone else's," Clr Ward concluded.


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