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Synergy Percussion CD,

including For Marimba & Tape:
Synergy CD

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Roger Covell: The Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 9 1986:
In Martin Wesley-Smith's Snark-Hunting for instrumentalists and pre-recorded tape the group has brought forward a piece of classic status, a work that embraces in its delightful sequence of high-speed parody most varieties of music from rock to music box. It would be pointless to try to predict whether it will seem like a masterpiece in the future. What is more important is that it seems like a masterpiece now.
Markku Turunen: Keskisuomalainen, Finland, July 29 1988:
Possibly the only work worth hearing in the entire concert was Martin Wesley-Smith's collage Snark-Hunting. Hunting for the monster turned out to be a madcap game of hide-and-seek, without any discernible weight musically speaking. The audience, however, allowed itself to be taken in by cheap pranks. The only redeeming feature of this work was the fact that it evoked uninhibited mirth in the listeners. I doubt that I would like to hear it again.

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Baliboflute & CD
Beta-Globin DNAvarious instruments
Brother Jack piano
Brother Jack ensemble
dbfl, cl, pno, vlc (violin can replace flute)
Dodgson's Dream clarinet, live electronics, transparencies
Doublets 1string quartet
Doublets 2(a) sax & tape
fin/début fl/alto, cl/bcl, pno, string quartet & CD-ROM
(CD-ROM in third movement only)
For (Bass) Clarinet & Tape clarinet or bass clarinet & CD
For Marimba & Tape marimba & CD
Guitar Music 1acoustic guitar
Improvisationstrumpet & piano
I'm Trapped in a Circle of Lovetenor & ensemble
Janetflute, percussion, piano
Kolele Maiclassical guitar
Merry-Go-Roundcl, vlc & CD-ROM
Mrs Hargreaves Rememberssoprano & ensemble
Olya's Waltzpiano
On A. I. Petrofpiano
Oom Pah Pah flute & piano (violin can replace flute)
Oom Pah Pah Oom Pah piano
Pat-a-Caketrombone & CD
Pip!1. trom, vln, live electronics
2. narrator & orchestra
Small Bitonal Studypiano
Snark-Huntingfl, pno, perc, vlc & tape
Songs and Marches classical guitar quartet (treble, two standards and bass)
Songs for Kids with ensemble
Songs for Kids with brass group
Tekee Tokee Tomakclarinet & CD-ROM
Three Pieces for Two Marimbas four players
Tiger, Tigertwo vlns
To Noddy-Manhigh voice & piano (four hands)
Visiting the Queenmarimba & MIDI piano
Waltz for Aunt Irinapiano
Weapons of Mass Distortionclarinet & CD-ROM
Welcome to the Hotel Turismocello & CD/CD-ROM
White Knight & Beaverone or two soloists (e.g. flute & bass clarinet) & CD
White Knight Waltzpiano
X clarinet & CD-ROM

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ensemble pieces:
Brother Jack
1994 cl, pno, vla & vlc 9 arrangement of piano piece
1991 fl/alto, cl/bcl,
pno & vlc
15 tribute to Australian composer
Don Banks
two movements:
Waltz & Pat-a-Cake 2
see press comments

Laurie Strachan, The Australian, Tues April 22 1997:

"... a welcome addition to the repertoire, Martin Wesley-Smith's db ... (it) proved a brilliant piece packed with allusions and quotations, all beautifully integrated into Wesley-Smith's elegant and often genuinely witty musical language."

Doublets 1
1974 string quartet 20 temporarily withdrawn
2000 fl, cl/bass cl, pno, string quartet 30 three movements:
1. tick tock
2. pp
3. ? (requires Macintosh computer and LCD projector)

1966 tpt, pno 8 three movements
composed when a student
1995 fl, mar & pno 9 tribute to a friend
bright and breezy
Oom Pah Pah
1996 fl & pno 9 "sardonic Gallicism"
see press comments
Songs and Marches
2004 four classical guitars 15 composed for Guitar Trek
needs treble, two standard and one acoustic bass guitar
not yet premiered
Three Pieces
for Two Marimbas,
Four Players

1996 two marimbas,
four players
10 movements:
White Knight, at the Fairground
Wombats Unite!
Jack & Jill
pieces with CD or CD-ROM:
1992 fl & CD
14 about East Timor
released on CD
tape part available on CD
Beta-Globin DNA
1986 soloist(s) & tape 3-6 suitable for various instruments
tape part released on CD
For (Bass) Clarinet & Tape
1983 (bass) cl & tape 11 version of For Marimba & Tape
released on CD
tape part available on CD
For Marimba & Tape
1982 mar & tape 11 most-performed piece!
released on CD
tape part available on CD
see press comments
2002 cl, vlc & CD-ROM 16 about Afghanistan and Afghan refugees
photography by George Gittoes and Alice Wesley-Smith
requires Macintosh computer & LCD projector

Critic Harriet Cunningham, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald about a performance by Charisma, Leichhardt Town Hall, Nov 28 2002:

"Merry-Go-Round was commissioned by Ros Dunlop and Julia Ryder for cello, clarinet and CD-ROM. Its inspiration is photographer George Gittoes' collection of images from a recent trip to Afghanistan, including a series of poignant shots of kids playing on a crude wooden merry-go-round. The music is rich in tone colours and drones evoking the traditional music of Afghanistan. My one criticism here would be that the stunning images deserved more measured presentation. The impact of the multimedia ephemera in the two previous works was enhanced by slick digital magic, but the haunting music and images of Merry-Go-Round needed no such hi-tech packaging."

1980 trom & tape 9 temporarily withdrawn
released on CD
tape part available on DAT
see press comments
1984 fl, pno, perc, vlc & tape 15 very popular!
released on CD
tape part available on CD
see press comments
Tekee Tokee Tomak 2003 clarinet & CD-ROM 9 about East Timor
needs Macintosh computer and LCD projector

created after clarinettist Ros Dunlop and Martin Wesley-Smith toured East Timor in March and July 2002 presenting concerts of Welcome to the Hotel Turismo and X; premiered by Ms Dunlop in Manchester, January 2003, and subsequently in many other parts of England and Scotland

Weapons of Mass Distortion 2003 clarinet & CD-ROM 12 about propaganda, doublespeak, lies, and the invasion of Iraq, 2003
needs Macintosh computer and LCD projector

finished in September 2003 and subsequently performed by clarinettist Ros Dunlop and Martin Wesley-Smith in Darwin and then on a tour of the USA

Welcome to the Hotel Turismo
2000 cello & CD/CD-ROM 12 about East Timor
multimedia version requires Macintosh computer

Critic Harriet Cunningham, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald about a performance by Julia Ryder, Leichhardt Town Hall, Nov 28 2002:

"Composer Martin Wesley-Smith has been a staunch supporter of the East Timor cause for many years, and this event was an ideal forum for three of his compositions, inspired by recent world events. Welcome to the Hotel Turismo tells of Dili's main hotel, where journalists, soldiers and homeless Timorese sheltered during the violence following the 1999 independence vote. Like all Wesley-Smith's works presented here, the acoustic part was accompanied by images and sounds on CD-ROM. In fact, cellist Julia Ryder's role felt almost redundant: she was literally upstaged by the screen, whose flickering montage of sound and sight bites made sense of a work which had, for me, seemed quite unsatisfying in David Pereira's 2001 performance, without visuals."

White Knight & Beaver
1985 soloist(s) & tape 11 suitable for various instruments
(one low [e.g. bcl]
and one high [e.g. vln])
released on CD
tape part available on CD
see press comments
X 1999 clarinet & CD-ROM 12 about East Timorese resistance leader Xanana Gusmão;
needs Macintosh computer and LCD projector

See X home page

Critic Harriet Cunningham, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald about a performance by Ros Dunlop, Leichhardt Town Hall, Nov 28 2002:

"Generations of artists have struggled to find a language to give meaning to the senselessness of war. In X, a work for clarinet and CD-ROM dedicated to Xanana Gusmao, Wesley-Smith has taken up the challenge with every modern resource available to him, including extended techniques (brilliantly delivered by Ros Dunlop) and electronics. The result is genuinely confronting and moving: one cannot hope (or wish) to recreate the horror of East Timor in 1999, but this work is an important historical document. Perhaps not surprisingly, although the music is a fascinating patchwork of interwoven ideas, the most chilling moments are marked by silence."

East Timor web sites

pieces using live electronics:
Dodgson's Dream
1979 cl, tape, live electronics
& transparencies
10 needs Electrosonic ES69
dissolve unit (hard to find)
Doublets 2(a)
1974 sax, tape & tape delay 8 saxophonist pre-records
multi-track tape part
1991 narrator, vln, trom & live elec 25 for children to listen to

a version exists for
narrator & orchestra
(soon to be released on ABC Classics
by The Sydney Symphony Orchestra)

Visiting the Queen
1992 mar & Yamaha Disklavier
(MIDI file supplied on disk for Macintosh computer)
7 humorous
percussionist sings
piano pieces:
Brother Jack 1994 pno (four hands) 9 Jack Carmody, Sun-Herald (Sydney), March 21 1999:

"Martin Wesley-Smith's Brother Jack (1994) is ... that true (and therefore welcome) rarity, a genuinely witty piece of music. Its essential material is ... Frère Jacques, which Wesley-Smith has used with an adroit intelligence: most importantly, there's nothing obvious about this music and I don't think I'm bluffing myself when I say his use of this tune has evoked a French elegance and lucidity in the writing.

"After a forthright start it acquires an appealingly deliberate springiness: the tonal clarity of the new Australian pianos seemed perfect for this transparent music and the pianists delivered it with relish and flair."
Olya's Waltz 1993 pno 2' 30" from On A. I. Petrof
released on CD
On A. I. Petrof 1993 pno 9 tribute to a friend
Oom Pah Pah Oom Pah
1989 pno 2 for children to play
published by Currency Press
released on CD
Small Bitonal Study
1968 pno 2 for children to play
published by Albert Edition
Three Little Piano Pieces
1991 pno 6 for children to play
released on CD
Waltz for Aunt Irina
1993 pno 2' 30" from On A. I. Petrof
released on CD
White Knight Waltz
1997 pno 5 looks harder than it is
released on CD
Guitar Music 1 1973 classical gtr 8 moderate difficulty
Kolele Mai 2002 classical gtr 14 premiered by Tim Kain
Tiger, Tiger 1970 vln duet 2 for young violinists
published by Albert Edition
pieces with singer: blank
I'm Trapped
in a Circle of Love
1995 ten, b fl, cl, horn, pno,
hp, gtr, vla & vlc
5 lyric by Martin Wesley-Smith
audience participation encouraged
To Noddy-Man 1969 high voice, pno (four hands) 10 text: Martin Wesley-Smith
Mrs Hargreaves
1997 sop, fl/picc/bass fl, fl, cl/bclar,
tpt, trom, bass trom,
pno, marimba, two vlns, vlc
12 text: Lewis Carroll,
Martin Wesley-Smith, Peter Wesley-Smith
see separate page
Songs for Kids 1991 voice, fl, cl/bcl, pno & vlc 15 six children's songs;
text: Peter Wesley-Smith
Songs for Kids 1992 voice, brass quintet 10 six children's songs;
text: Ann North, Peter Wesley-Smith

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