89 Sanctuary Point Road, Sanctuary Point, NSW, 2540 AUSTRALIA
E-mail us or Phone 0411 572 725 or 02 4443 7665

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Machelp is also your source of the extensive range of Apple Macintosh computers, iPods, Apple software and Apple accessories. We also sell printers, scanners, cameras and more. Software from Adobe, Filemaker, Microsoft and, of course, more.

Problems with your broadband Internet connection? We can help. ADSL Modems to suit your needs are always in stock ready for those emergencies like lightning strikes.

In short, if it can connect to a Mac or be installed in it, we will probably know about it.

Hard drives both internal and external, RAM, USB and FireWire accessories, you name it, if it goes with a Mac we can do it.
We also can repair, upgrade and maintain your Mac or troubleshoot your problems. Just E-mail or phone 0411 572 725 us and we'll help you out.

One of our specialties is data recovery from your Hard Drive. Through normal wear & tear, your Hard Drives can ultimately fail and the data may seem irrecoverable. And if you don't have a backup...
Using specialised software we have an excellent success rate in recovering your important data from your Mac HD. Call us before trying anything else to ensure success.

Machelp also has associates that can help you with animation, video production, graphic design, website creation & maintenance, desktop publishing and audio production.