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What's New

News One:

Diamond Burr Set

20 piece, 1/8" shaft. Various shapes.

Only $17

News Two:

Lathe Tools

Replaceable Heads Only $6ea.

ISO standard.




Products and Services

Products : We have many varied, exciting products to encourage and enhance your creative ability and productivity.
There are the usual hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, air tools and garden implements. The more unusual items include lathe tool steel, cutters, handles for adzes, brush hooks, a large range of router bits and hole cutters for metal, concrete and wood.
We are only a small shop, we don't have everything but our tools are well priced and they work. Our aim is to allow home handymen access to the specialist tools and the professionals are also welcome to browse.

Services :Our store is very mobile and we attend many markets. Here's a list of our usual haunts:


How To Contact Us

If you require more information or need support for one of our products please send us an E-mail or reach Barry or Janet by phone:

Mailing Address: Shops 5 & 6 Shoalhaven Arcade NOWRA 2541
E-mail Address: bnjtools@shoalhaven.net.au
Phone Number: (02) 4422 8222
Fax Number: (02) 4446 0219

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