OUTLOOK Express 6 Setup
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express

  2. Click Tools and then Accounts

  3. Select add a new email account and then click next

  4. Select POP3 and then click next

  5. Complete the empty fields:
    Your Name: The name you wish displayed when people receive your emails
    Email Address: The email address you are sending email from
    Account Type: Select POP3 from the drop down

    Incoming mail server: mail.shoalhaven.net.au

    Outgoing mail server: mail.shoalhaven.net.au if you are connected through Shoalhaven Internet.

    If your connection is through another ISP, you must use their
    OUT or SMTP server :
    Some common SMTP servers are:
    Telstra -> mail.bigpond.com
    Optus -> mail.optusnet.com.au

  6. User Name: The first part of your email address eg smith

  7. Password: The password used for this email account

  8. Click [Next] then [Finish]

This completes the setup of your email account.