Iphone / Ipad Email setup

1.    From the Home screen, choose"Settings"

2.    Next, tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendar"

3.    In the Accounts section, tap "Add Account "

4.    Choose "Other"

5.    Select "Add Mail Account"

6.    Enter your name and Email address then tap "Next"

7.   Important: Select POP

8.    Incoming mail server = mail.shoalhaven.net.au

9.    Username =  The first part of your email address

10.    Password

11.   Outgoing Mail server:
    This is set to the mail server for the ISP that you are connected to.
    Common SMTP servers are:
    mail.shoalhaven.net.au (If you connect via wifi to us)

12.    Finally click "Save"

Good Luck.